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Outdoor Lighting for Nebraska

Ambiance is that special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment. Atmospheric serenity is the goal of landscape lighting, in addition to safety and security issues. We thrive on strategically placed landscape lighting that illuminates the landscape after dark; the lights and shadows create an ambiance that is at once welcoming, but different from the daytime mood. Accent Landscapes has been Installing and maintaining lighting systems for 10 years. We gladly enhance the landscapes for residents of Lincoln, Omaha, and Gretna, Nebraska. We only use commercial products and product installation guidelines to better serve your lighting project.

Certified Landscape Lighting & Nightscaping

Proper landscape lighting design is critical with the 12-volt system. Our credentials include completed course study in design from the Nightscaping College of Redlands, CA. Most systems that I have installed are in the $800 to $9000 range. Please Contact Us so we can schedule an appointment to discuss your dramatic outdoor lighting system today. References available upon request.

If you're located in Lincoln, Omaha, Gretna, or a surrounding area, please call us at 402.560.1264 for reenergized landscape design, landscape lighting, and water features.

Landscape Lighting | Lincoln, Nebraska

We're happy to extend our services to Lincoln, Omaha, and Gretna, Nebraska.